Terms of Use



Terms of Use

The HeyAlly application (“HeyAlly” or “Application”) is maintained, operated and owned by Alliance Healthcare Pte Ltd and/or its subsidiaries, related companies and affiliates.

In the following terms of use, “Us”, “We”, “Our” or “Alliance” refers to Alliance Healthcare Pte Ltd and/or its subsidiaries, related companies and affiliates from time to time. “You”, “Your”, “Yours” refers to the user or person to whom these terms and conditions apply to.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully, together with our Privacy Policy before accessing and/or using the Application. By accessing and/or using the Application, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and unconditionally agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, including and all other terms, conditions, notices and policies referenced herein and/or that appear on the Application (collectively, the “Terms of Use”).

To complement the provision of healthcare services offered by healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations such as outpatient services panels, clinics, physicians, hospitals and pharmacies (collectively, “Healthcare Providers”) on the Application (“Services”), we may also offer the sale of medical/healthcare products by third party merchants (“Vendors”) on the Application (“Products”) and vouchers for the purchase of certain Services and/or Products on the Application (“Vouchers”) and from time to time, allow sponsors (“Sponsors”) to carry out promotions on the Application. In these Terms of Use, these Healthcare Providers, Vendors, and Sponsors are collectively referred to “Third Party Providers”.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Application is only a platform to facilitate the offer, sale and delivery of the Products and Services and Alliance is not a vendor or seller of any Products or Services, nor a representative of any Healthcare Providers or Vendors.

Any new functions, features or tools which are added to this application shall also be subject to these Terms of Use. We reserve the right to revise any part of these Terms of Use from time to time, without prior notice to you. All revisions made to these Terms of Use will be reflected by updating this page. You shall, therefore, accept the responsibility to check this page periodically for any updates or changes. By continuing to access and/or use the Application after these Terms of Use have been revised, you expressly agree to be bound by any and all such revisions.
If you do not agree or fall within the Terms of Use, please discontinue the use of the Application and all services provided on it.


1. By using the Application, you hereby expressly represent and warrant that: –

a. you agree and undertake to comply with these Terms of Use that may be posted on this Application from time to time.

b. you are at least 18 years old or that you have obtained the consent of your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who have accepted these Terms of Use and have agreed to take responsibility for your actions, any charges associated with your use of the Application and the Services and your acceptance/compliance with these Terms of Use.

c. all the information provided by you to Alliance (including without limitation, personal details, contact information, health history, and personal health information) is true, current, accurate, complete and not misleading nor forged. You assume all risks associated with your information, including those arising from any party’s reliance on its quality, accuracy or reliability.

d. you fully understand that the Application is solely a platform to facilitate the sale and delivery of the Services and/or Products, and that the Application is not providing any medical advice or making any recommendations in relation to the Products or Services offered on it;

e. you assume sole and full risk and responsibility for your decisions to purchase the Services and/or the Products, or your use of any of the information and materials available on the Application, including any unexpected or undesirable outcomes that may result from such purchase or use. In particular, in deciding to purchase any of the Services and/or Products, you have done your due diligence and independently assessed the suitability of the Services and/or Products for your own needs.

f. you fully understand that with respect to any Services and/or Products purchased, the terms of the engagement of the Services or Products purchased shall be entered into directly between you and the relevant service provider or Vendor, and we shall not have any further obligation or involvement in this regard.

g. in the event of medical emergencies or critical care situations, you will seek immediate professional medical attention and not attempt to use the Application.

h. you will not permit or authorize any person to access or use your account via the Application.

i. you shall use and access the Application in a proper manner. You shall not use the information and content made available to you on the Application for any purpose other than for browsing and/or purchasing the Products or Services on the Application, or as determined by us from time to time at our sole discretion.

j. you shall not use the Application in any manner which violates any law or regulations or infringes on the legal rights of any third party, in any manner which is deceptive, indecent, offensive, defamatory or fraudulent, to threaten, harass, abuse or intimidate others, to damage the name or reputation of Alliance, to breach security on any computer network, or to access an account that does not belong to you, and in any manner that interferes with other users’ use and enjoyment of the Application and/or Products and Services made available on the Application;

k. you will only use the Application to purchase Products or Services for yourself or for another person for whom you are legally authorised to act;

l. in the event that you purchase Products or Services for another person, you will inform such other person about the Terms of Use that apply to the order you have placed on his or her behalf, including all rules and restrictions applicable thereto; and

m. you will not use any materials and information made available on the Application, in particular confidential information, in a manner prejudicial or detrimental to the interest of Alliance Healthcare Pte Ltd and/or its subsidiaries, related companies and affiliates.

2. You undertake and agree to immediately notify Alliance in writing immediately if any of the foregoing representations and warranties become invalid, untrue, incomplete or misleading in any respect.


1. This Application is in no way intended to provide medical advice or recommendations of any kind. This Application is purely a platform to facilitate the sale and delivery of the Products or Services on it.

2. This Application and all its services, information and materials are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

3. We shall not have any responsibility or liability with respect to your relationship with any Third Party Provider (other than purely facilitating the sale and delivery of Products and/or Services on the Application), and such relationship shall be conducted directly between you and the applicable Third Party Provider, with no involvement or responsibility on our part.

4. We expressly disclaim any liability for any errors or omissions in the information and materials contained in the Application herein.

5. Any reference made on this Application to any Healthcare Provider or Vendor, or to the Services or Products offered by them, does not constitute or imply as an endorsement to the quality, credentials or fitness of purpose of the said subject.

6. We do not undertake any liability for the quality or type of the Services or Products that are offered on this Application, and for other goods and/or services offered by other third parties which may be linked and/or associated through this Application.

7. We make no representation, warranty or guarantee as to the reliability, quality, timeliness, suitability, availability, accuracy or completeness of the Application, the Services and Products offered on it, the software of the Application, and the services and/or goods provided by any third party which may be linked and/or associated through this Application.

8. Nothing in this Terms of Use shall constitute any representation, warranty or guarantee that: –

a. the Application or its materials or information will be timely provided, uninterrupted, secured or free from errors.

b. the materials and information contained in the Application will be accurate, adequate, reliable and complete.

c. your use of this Application and the quality of any Products, Services, information or any other materials purchased or obtained by you through the Application will meet your requirements, expectations or fulfil a stated purpose.

d. any errors or defects in the Application will be corrected.

e. this Application and its materials are free from any virus or other malicious, destructive or corrupting code, program or macro.

9. No advice or information obtained by you from this Application shall create any warranty unless expressly stated in these Terms of Use.

10. All conditions, representations and warranties, whether express, implied, statutory or other, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of third party rights, are hereby excluded and disclaimed to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws.

11. You hereby expressly agree that your use of the Application and the services provided on it, and any consequences arising in the event of your loss of such use for whatsoever reason (including the incorrect use of the Application), is at your sole risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable for any claim, loss, damage, data loss, costs or expenses incurred (whether direct or consequential), suffered or sustained by you (“Losses”) arising from or in connection with: (a) your use of, or inability to use the Application, in particular your usage of PayAlly, (b) your purchase of any Services or Products, (c) your reliance on any materials, information or data contained in the Application, whether for the purposes of purchase of the Services or Products or otherwise, or (d) any act or omission of a Third Party Provider; even if we are notified beforehand of the possibility of any such Losses, or such Losses can be deemed to be foreseeable to us.

12. If, despite the limitations expressed in these Terms of Use, Alliance is found liable for any Losses, in no circumstances will the aggregate liability of Alliance, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for damages to you under these Terms of Use, exceed S$100.00.


1. During use of the Application, you may enter into correspondence with, purchase the Products and/or Services from, or participate in promotions of the Third Party Providers. Any such activity, and any terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such activity, is applicable solely between you and the relevant Third Party Provider. We shall have no liability, obligation or responsibility for any such correspondence, purchase, transaction or promotion conducted between you and any applicable Third Party Provider.

2. We do not endorse any applications or sites on the internet that are linked through the Application. In any event, we shall not be responsible for any content, products, services or other materials on or available from such sites or Third Party Providers.

3. We may offer the sale of Vouchers for purchase of certain Products and/or Services such as health screenings or blood tests. However, your purchase of any Voucher does not constitute the full and final bill payable to the relevant Third Party Provider providing the relevant Products and/or Services. All final bills or tax invoices (as the case may be) are subject to any additional Products and/or Services which you may subsequently purchase from the relevant Third Party Provider during your interaction with them, which we do or may not have any control over and in respect of which we shall not be held responsible for any additional amount incurred by you.

4. We will facilitate the offer, sale and delivery of Products and/or Services on the Application to you in accordance with the Terms of Use. You acknowledge, however, that certain Third Party Providers may require your agreement to additional or different terms of use prior to your use of or access to their Products and/or Services, which we are not a party to. We hereby disclaim any and all responsibility and/or liability arising from such agreements between you and the applicable Third Party Provider.

5. In particular, we are not responsible for any disputes or disagreements between you and any Third Party Provider, arising out of your engagement with them or any agreement you have entered into with them pursuant to your purchase of the Products and/or Services. You agree to resolve all disputes directly with the Third Party Provider and to unconditionally release us of all and any claims, demands, and involvement in any such disputes.


1. We provide an in-app payment system which is known as “PayAlly” to facilitate the management of the payments made by you to Third Party Providers through the Application, where you may use your credit card or PayLah! to make payments via the payment gateway supported by the Application. You acknowledge that PayAlly is merely an intermediary to facilitate payments made by you, and that PayAlly is provided to you for your convenience only. All payments made through PayAlly are made directly to the accounts of the billing parties.

2. You agree to pay and undertake (if applicable) to be personally liable for all fees or charges (including those arising from third party services used to verify, secure and/or process your payments) to your account in accordance with the fees, charges and billing terms in effect at the time they are incurred and in relation to this:-

a. you authorise us to bill and charge the debit or credit card registered under your account for any fee or charges that are due and payable.

b. you shall promptly furnish us with valid debit or credit card details for payment or information in the event we are unable to proceed with payment from your registered card.

c. you agree that your purchase of the Services / Products through the Application will not be fulfilled until full payment has been received by us; and

d. to facilitate payment for your transaction, you consent to the disclosure by Alliance of your debit or credit card information and associated payment information to our designated payment processor. This information will be shared solely for the purpose of collecting the fees and charges.

3. We make no warranty that the payment services provided under PayAlly as described above will be available, uninterrupted, error-free or otherwise meet your expectations from time to time. We shall also not be responsible for: (a) any malfunction in computer system, software or any internet access service provider or any telecommunications provider that may affect the accuracy or timeliness of the online transmission of payment instructions, and (b) if any information provided is inaccurate or if payment instructions are not given sufficiently in advance to allow for timely payment or if payment instructions cannot be carried out for any reason beyond our control.

4. While we take reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality and security of your financial information collected for the purposes of this section, we cannot guarantee that any information that is transmitted or stored electronically is completely secure or that no harmful code will enter the Application (for example viruses, bugs, trojan horse, spyware, adware). You assume full and sole risk in using PayAlly and agree that you have no claim whatsoever against us for any information leakage which is beyond our control.


1. We may from time to time offer the sale of Vouchers for certain Products and/or Services provided by Third Party Providers.

2. We do not provide you with any representation, guarantee or warranty that your purchase any of these Vouchers constitutes the final amount payable to the relevant Third Party Provider. Your purchase of the Voucher will automatically create a separate agreement between you and the relevant Third Party Provider, which we have no control over and in respect of which, we shall not have any responsibility or liability for the same.

3. Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or in full and are valid for a single transaction only.

4. Vouchers are valid until the expiry date stated on the respective Voucher and strictly no extension of the expiry date is allowed.

5. We are not responsible if the Voucher is lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed, rejected or otherwise. No replacement will be provided under any circumstances.

6. In addition to the terms set forth herein, the usage of Vouchers shall also be governed by additional terms and conditions stipulated on the respective Voucher, as stated in the product descriptions column at the time of the purchase or in any other ways that we deem reasonably fit and proper to notify you.

7. We are not responsible for any disputes or disagreements between you and any Third Party Provider. You shall resolve all disputes directly with the Third Party Provider and unconditionally release us of all and any claims, demands, and involvement in any such disputes.


1. We do not accept any cancellation/amendments of orders once payment has been made. You are therefore under an obligation to confirm your orders before proceeding to make payment.

2. All payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable except as expressly provided in these Terms of Use.

3. We reserve the right to cancel any order at our sole discretion. If such cancelation is made, you will be notified in writing and a refund will be processed as an exceptional case.


1. As a user of the Application, you are automatically eligible for reward points (“Reward Points”) awarded by us for the purchases you make on the Application. Alternatively, we may reward you with promotions or any other methods provided for by us from time to time in lieu of the Reward Points, at our sole and absolute discretion.

2. The accrued Rewards Points can be used to fulfil all or part payment of your purchases on the Application or to redeem other rewards during their applicable validity period (“Reward” or “Rewards”).

3. Once the accrued Reward Points have been redeemed for any Reward, such Reward Points cannot be refunded or transferred back to your account in the Application.

4. We may at our sole and absolute discretion, increase or decrease the Reward Points to be given for each selected purchase and we shall keep you notified of the same from time to time.

5. We are under no obligation to provide any explanation regarding the calculation methods or any other matters relating to the Reward Points or related discounts thereof for whatsoever purpose.

6. The accrued Reward Points shall be redeemed within the timeframe stipulated by us, failing which, the affected Reward Points shall automatically expire and be forfeited by us and without notice to you. Expired Reward Points cannot be reinstated, and you agree that you will have no claim whatsoever against us for any expired Reward Points.

7. You understand and agree that the Reward Points have no monetary value and are not redeemable for cash in any form. The Reward Points cannot be purchased, resold or transferred, for value or otherwise. In addition, Reward Points also shall not be regarded, construed, or used as valuable or exchangeable instruments under any circumstances.

8. Alliance may at its sole and absolute discretion reject your request to redeem your Reward Points for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation, where there are insufficient Reward Points to redeem for a particular Reward, or where the Reward is no longer available, or where Reward Points you wish to utilise for redemption have been issued to you in error.

9. You may check the balance of your Reward Points and redemptions made in the Application. Your Reward Points balance and redemptions as set out in the Application shall serve as conclusive evidence of the same.

10. Fraud, abuse of redemptions or any dishonest activities in relation to the Reward Points may result in the forfeiture as well as termination of your account on the Application.

11. To the extent as permitted by applicable laws, without prior notice to you and at our sole discretion, we reserve the right at any time to:
a. vary, modify or amend the terms and conditions regarding the Reward Points;
b. revoke, adjust and/or recalculate any Reward Points awarded;
c. vary the number of Reward Points required to qualify for a specific Reward or substitute any Reward with another of a similar value;
d. modify the qualifications and criteria for eligibility to earn Reward Points;
e. modify the types of activities that earn Reward Points;
f. modify the methods used to calculate the number of Reward Points to be awarded;
g. withhold or cease the awarding of Reward Points to you; or
h. change the expiry period of Reward Points.


1. We reserve the right at any time to modify and/or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any of our platforms and services with or without notice. You agree that we will not be held liable or responsible for any loss, damage, expense and cost suffered by you directly, incidentally, consequentially or indirectly arising from any modification, suspension or discontinuance of our platform and/or any of our services.


1. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse you any current or future use of this Application, in our sole discretion, without any notice, for any reason whatsoever, including where we have reasons to believe that you have breached or acted inconsistently with these Terms of Use.

2. We will not be liable in any way to you or to any third party for any Losses arising out of or in connection with such termination.


1. All intellectual property rights to the Application and our website (where linked through the Application), including but without limitation to, copyright, trademarks, registered or unregistered service marks and logos are the property of Alliance and/or its strategic partners.

2. Except as expressly provided, we do not grant any express or implied rights to usage of our content and/or intellectual property and such contents and/or intellectual property shall not be reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or otherwise distributed in any way. Your access to or use of the Application or our website (where linked through the Application) shall not be construed as granting any license or right to use any intellectual property including content trademarks, trade names, logos or service marks appearing on the Application or our website without our prior written consent.


1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, you shall indemnify and hold Alliance and its directors, officers, employees, consultants, and agents and its Third Party Providers harmless against all damages, losses (direct or indirect), expenses and costs (including legal costs) suffered or incurred in connection with or arising out of your breach of any these Terms of Use or any documents incorporated by reference, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third-party, or any unauthorized access of this Application and/or use of the online services using your user ID and/or password, or any other party’s breach of any these Terms of Use & conditions of access where such party was able to access this Application and/or use the online services by using your user ID and/or password.


1. The failure of us to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms of Use shall not constitute as a waiver of such right or provision.

2. These Terms of Use, together with any other policies or operating rules posted by us on this Application or in relation to the services provided on it constitute the entire agreement and govern your use of our Application and such services, superseding any prior or contemporaneous agreements, communications and proposals, whether oral or written, between you and us.

3. Any ambiguities in the interpretation of these Terms of Use shall not be construed against us.


1. In the event that any provision of these Terms of Use is determined to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, such provision shall nonetheless be enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, and the unenforceable portion shall be deemed to be severed from these Terms of Use, such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions.


1. The terms of this Terms of Use that address or relate to the following concepts will survive termination of access to and/or any use of the Application, whether by us in accordance with section 9, or by you voluntarily: rights of termination, representations and warranties, indemnification, limitation of liability, disputes, and any other terms expressly stated in this Terms of Use to be of a survivable nature.


1. The Application and the Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Republic of Singapore, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.


1. We welcome your feedback including any complaint or dispute you may have as a customer with our service.

2. If you would like to make a formal complaint you should do so as soon as possible; we will always endeavour to resolve the issue quickly. You should make your complaint by writing in email via [email protected] or via our customer service line at 6664 0263.

3. Questions about these Terms of Use should be sent to us at [email protected].

AllyTele (Teleconsultation)


Alliance Healthcare Pte Ltd provides telemedicine services using telecommunication technologies (i.e. text, interactive audio or video technology) (“Telemedicine”) to support the delivery of medical, health and information services such as medical consultation, prescription, referrals and so forth between (a) healthcare providers such as general practitioners, specialists, nurses, or nutritionists (“Healthcare Providers”) and (b) its customers (“Telemedicine Services”). The Telemedicine Services are provided through the HeyAlly application (“Application”).

In the following terms and conditions, “Us”, “We”, “Our” or “Alliance” refers to Alliance Healthcare Pte Ltd and/or its subsidiaries, related companies and affiliates from time to time. “You”, “Your”, “Yours” refers to the user or person to whom these terms and conditions apply to.

The following terms and conditions govern your access and use of the HeyAlly application, in particular, the Telemedicine Services, and your account through which the Telemedicine Services and all other services are accessed (“Terms and Conditions”). These Terms and Conditions together with our Privacy Policy shall supplement and form an integral part of the Terms of Use. By accessing and/or using the Application and/or Telemedicine Services, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in the abovementioned agreements. If you do not agree, please discontinue the use of the Application immediately.

We may amend the Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy any time by posting an updated version. The updated version of the aforementioned agreements shall take effect immediately upon posting. Continued use of the Application and/or Telemedicine Services shall constitute your acknowledgement of such changes and agreement to be bound by the revised agreements.


1. Our Application and/or services do not provide any emergency services or care for acute medical conditions or where treatment/ diagnosis in-person is required. If you are having a medical emergency, please call 995 for an ambulance or go to the nearest accident and emergency department immediately.

2. You shall not use the Telemedicine Services for mental health consultation, treatment, care, or service. Kindly call Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) at 1800 221 4444 for further assistance. 

3. Healthcare Providers who deliver healthcare services through the Application and its Telemedicine platform are required to be registered under and hold a valid practising license from Singapore Medical Council.

4. The average waiting time to connect with your Healthcare Provider is 10 minutes.

5. While we endeavour to provide you with a smooth and efficient Telemedicine experience, we do not provide any warranty or guarantee that your experience with us would be free from any kind of technical errors or interruptions. Kindly call us back through the Application’s Telemedicine platform if you experience a service interruption or disconnection during your use of the Application.


1. If you provide any personal data to us during the registration, the provision of Telemedicine Services or otherwise, you consent to our collection, use, processing and disclosure of your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

2. For the purposes of providing Telemedicine Services to you, we may require you to provide us with your identity information, medical details (it could be in a form of word, document, graphic or otherwise) and other personal data as indicated on the relevant forms as and when you are notified during your use of the Application.

3. We will maintain a file about you comprising your identify information, medical details and other personal data which we may obtain from you from time to time. The personal data that we gather from you may not be limited to your activities on this application but also from your activities at our physical clinic, Ally Health clinic, our other sites, platforms and applications or otherwise.

4. You understand and agree that we may use, process and share your personal data among ourselves, with the Healthcare Providers and other related third-party service providers (such as courier provider, payment service provider, etc) insofar it is reasonably necessary to fulfil your healthcare needs and to complete other transactions you have with us. To provide better services, you also understand and agree that we will use the personal data you provided through this Application during your visit at our physical clinic, Ally Heath Clinic and vice versa.

5. If you are a participant of our healthcare programme such as chronic disease management programme, you agree that we may use your medical information and other personal data obtained from this Application or otherwise in the provision of services under the relevant program, which includes but not limited to: home care visits, your physical visits at our Ally Health clinic, onsite healthcare services, etc.


1. During your Telemedicine consultation, you may be required to provide details of your medical and health history to the Healthcare Provider. Information may be discussed with you via the interactive video, audio and/or other telecommunications technology, and a physical examination may be performed through these technologies.

2. The Telemedicine Services you receive though this Application are not intended to replace a doctor-patient in-person relationship. You are expected to conduct your own self-assessment and evaluate whether the Telemedicine Services are suitable for your own medical needs and exercise an informed decision to use the Telemedicine Services.

3. There are some potential and inherent risks associated with the remote healthcare services, including but not limited to: –

a) technical limitations (e.g. poor resolution of images, poor lighting or sound, colour inconsistencies) which may result in inaccuracy and inadequacy of transmitted information to enable the Healthcare Provider to make appropriate healthcare assessments.

b) failures of the electronic equipment, data transmission or poor internet connection which may cause delays in evaluation, diagnosis or treatment.

c) inaccurate evaluation or diagnosis which may be caused by reliance on self-measurement and reporting of symptoms, and lack of in-person medical examination.

d) In rare instances, lack of access to all your latest medical records may result in adverse drug interactions, or allergic reactions, or other judgement errors.

e) in rare instances, security protocols could fail, resulting in a breach of privacy of confidentiality or personal data protection.

4. By choosing to use the Telemedicine Services, you acknowledge that you are fully aware and informed of all potential and inherent risks associated with such remote healthcare services and agree not to hold Alliance responsible for any misdiagnoses, acts or omissions committed in the course of the provision of the Telemedicine Services which arise from the occurrence of such risks.


By accessing and using our application and/or the relevant Telemedicine Service, you acknowledge that you understand and agree with the followings: –

1. We do not practice medicine, we are not acting as a medical professional in any way, and we do not take on a duty of care to you. We only provide a technology platform to connect patients with independent third-party Healthcare Providers, which include medical doctors and other healthcare professionals in the Alliance network.

2. All the independent third-party Healthcare Providers delivering healthcare services through the Application’s Telemedicine platform are solely responsible for their services and compliance with the applicable requirements, guidelines, rules and regulations in their fields of expertise. We shall not be liable for any professional malpractice, misconduct, negligence, breach of duty or any other liability arising on the part of the third-party Healthcare Providers.

3. Any reliance on any information provided on the Application or through the Telemedicine Services is solely at your own risk. You are solely responsible for satisfying yourself that the Healthcare Provider that you consult meets your own needs and we do not endorse or recommend any Healthcare Providers, products, services, tests, procedures, or other information that may be found on the Application.

4. We do not provide any warranty, guarantee or assurance with respect to your use of our Application nor do we warrant, guarantee, or represent that the Telemedicine Services will meet your requirements, expectations or fulfil a stated purpose.

5. The Telemedicine Services may not be provided to you in the event your Healthcare Provider determines that such services are not appropriate for all or some of your medical needs. Alliance will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience accruing to you due to any such decisions that are made by your Healthcare Provider.

6. Unless determined by Alliance in its sole discretion, no refund will be given for any missed appointment, completed consultation, purchased medication or any other orders made by you.

7. While we endeavour to ensure that the independent medical providers are validly licensed to practise in their profession and that the content of our Application or the Telemedicine Services made available on our Application satisfy the applicable law in Singapore, we shall not be held liable for any breach of government regulations which does not arise or result from our acts or omissions, and/or which is beyond our reasonable control.

8. All conditions, representations and warranties, whether express, implied, written, oral, or otherwise, which are not expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions are excluded and, to the extent such conditions, representation and warranties cannot be excluded, Alliance disclaim any liability in relation to the same.


1. You agree to act in accordance with advice and/or instructions given by your Healthcare Provider, including without limitation, to consult a doctor in person, to seek emergency treatment, to consult a specialist, to obtain further examination or testing, or to comply with directions relating prescribed medication, and you agree not to hold Alliance liable if you fail to do so.

2. Your Healthcare Provider may provide you with a prescription for medicine. You may be prompted by us for delivery or fulfilment of prescription medicine (“Product” or Products”). In the event you proceed to purchase Products through our application and/or arrange for delivery, you will undertake to check the label of the Product and verify that it matches the prescription order upon delivery. We shall not be held responsible for any mismatch.

3. Alliance and its delivery service partners will make the best effort to contact and arrange with you to complete the delivery of the order. However, if you or your representative(s) are not present at the stated address at the time of delivery, additional charges may be imposed for the redelivery.

4. We also shall not be liable for any defects in Products, any losses or damages or expenses sustained by individuals or by any other person in consequences of any delays in delivery.


1. The Application, the Terms of Use, and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Republic of Singapore, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.


1. Should you have any questions or concerns about the Terms of Use or any issues raised in the Terms of Use or on the application, please send us an email at [email protected].