Consultation with Ophthalmologist and Comprehensive Eye Examination

Consultation with Ophthalmologist and Comprehensive Eye Examination


Are you concerned about your eye health? Do you have symptoms such as blurry vision, floaters or bright flashes of light that are affecting your daily life? A thorough check of the front, back and intraocular pressure of your eye can detect for eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataract, age related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Full comprehensive eye examination by an ophthalmologist that includes the following:
(a) History Taking Visual Acuity Test: Measures sharpness of vision
(b) Refraction and vision assessment: Determines type & degree of refractive error
(c) Binocular vision assessment: Evaluating how your eyes work together
(d) Colour vision assessment
(e) Slit Lamp Exam: Examines the anterior part of the eye for signs of dry eyes, cataract, contact lens related issues etc.
(f) Dilation: Allow for more light to enter eye so eye can be checked more thoroughly
(g) Retinal Imaging: Examines the posterior part of the eye to assess the condition of the macular, retina and optic nerve head etc.
(h) Assessment & Management: Ophthalmologist consultation 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only valid for participating eye clinics at Novena and Paragon
  • Redemption of comprehensive eye exam must be within 3 months of purchase date
  • Comprehensive eye exam can be redeemed by immediate family members

How to use this Voucher:

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