Standard Eye Screening – 1 Pax (Home-Based)

Standard Eye Screening - 1 Pax (Home-Based)


VisionPal now offers Optometry services without the need for you to step out.

With our team of qualified optometrists, you can now order a standard examination and we will come to your home to conduct the eye examination. Our standard home eye check compromises the following:

1. Lifestyle and Vision Environment Assessment
2. Eye Refraction (For eyeglasses prescription)
3. Contact Lens Fitting & Aftercare (For contact lenses prescription)

Our qualified optometrists test for:

1. Presbyopia
2. Myopia
3. Hyperopia
4. Astigmatism
5. Basic Corneal Health for Contact Lens wear


Once every 6 months


VisionPal will contact you to organise your home eye check.